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What Is the Atlas Line®?

The Atlas Line is a complete trading solution that provides signals on your day trading charts that tell you exactly when to place a trade. In addition, the line itself provides an indication of how you should be looking at the market with your other systems. If price is above the line, go with long (buy) trades. If below, short (sell) trades.

Complete Trading System

You don’t need anything else, yet it compliments your other systems by filtering and confirming.

For Futures & Currencies

The software works with a wide variety of futures and currencies using NinjaTrader 8.

10+ Years of Use

With 10+ years of public availability, the powerful Atlas Line has a history of satisfying day traders.


What You Can Expect

Member Access

Full Contact Access

With DayTradeToWin Member Access, all of your learning materials and downloads are in one place. Get basic and expert instruction through easy to understand videos. Total beginners will be able to learn the system easily.

Price Action Trading

Do What the Pros Do

If you do your own research, you’ll find that successful traders eventually find that price action trading is best. The Atlas Line is entirely based on price action. The idea is to use what works rather than spending extra time and money.

Self-Learning & Live Training

Online Self-paced

Everyone learns differently. DayTradeToWin combines over a decade of teaching experience into streamlined learning. The training videos teach you exactly what you need to know. The live training is additional and completes.

See Atlas Line Videos

Over the years, DayTradeToWin has produces hundreds of videos. Many of these videos show the Atlas Line providing winning signals in real-time conditions. See for yourself how the Atlas Line can help your trading.


Why Learn Price Action Trading?

Ultimately, Price is What Matters

Price moving on a chart is what will provide profit or loss. So, it makes sense to use price patterns to make decisions. We call this price action trading.

Compatibility With Other Systems

While the Atlas Line can be used as a standalone trading system, it also works with other price action systems offered by DayTradeToWin.

Keep It Simple

Like many things in life, the more you complicate things the more distraction and confusion. Keeping your charts clean and simple focuses you on price action.

Trade Like the Pros

You can read many stories from different traders who eventually turned to price action before they were able to comfortably make a living day trading.

Dynamic Profit & Loss Settings

If markets can be fast and slow, should you trade with the same goals and risk management all the time? No. We teach adaptability based on current behavior.

Versatility With Trading Platforms

Nearly all trading platforms show price moving on a chart. If you know how to trade based on price, you are free to trade the platform you want.


Other Popular Trading Courses

All-Inclusive Self-paced Training

Accelerated Mentorship

If you want to get the Lifetime Atlas Line and many other trading methods in one complete package, take a look at the Accelerated Mentorship program from Learn 10+ methods that form one complete plan.

Scalp the Markets

Trade Scalper

If you want many trades with quick in-and-out action that works well with the Atlas Line, the Trade Scalper is for you. The Trade Scalper signals compliment the Atlas Line’s overall prediction. Scalp within the recommended trend.


Why Learn With DayTradeToWin?


Established for Over 11 Years

Few, if any other educator can claim the same longevity.


Thousands of students

Join a growing family of successful price action traders.


All Training is Entirely Online

You can learn and practice online trading online from home.


World Class Educators

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Learn From Home

Online Learning Options

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Our Story

Back in 2009, John Paul began DayTradeToWin as an online educational service for aspiring day traders. Previously, he gained years of experience in the world of professional trading. By adapting and teaching these exclusive techniques to the world of online training, he has changed the lives of many traders. The first method he provided to the public was the ATO. The Atlas Line was released a couple of years later, though the method was previously exclusive to institutional traders with large accounts.


What Atlas Line® Users Say

The Atlas Line is “independent” in its approach from the Trade Scalper signals. The closer the Atlas Line entry signal to the line itself, the better. Not more than 2x the ATR at the start of the session or overbought. I have found that an Atlas Line signal and a Trade Scalper signal that are close together, almost on top of one another, is a very strong signal. 

J. S.

New Jersey

Your courses, support and teaching are terrific. You keep an ongoing professional and friendly attitude going on with your students. My understanding of market behaviour came from you. The Atlas Line and price actions are enough for any serious person to make a living from trading and stop looking around for the holy grail. I have been working with it for 2 years now.



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